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Warhammer 40k Dawn of War was a great game. It had the Warhammer 40k universe in all of its glory, space marines, orks, eldar, necrons, tau, tyanids, it had it all. Recently I have had a bunch of time, and been playing the sequel, Dawn of War 2 and Relic has lost me. I get the squad based combat, it worked great in Company of Heroes, but I tell you, I want to build my bases. The arbitrary end of the level scoring penalizes you for any type of gameplay that is different than the proscribed cover, fire, and flank, that ” you should be doing”. The game doesn’t allow you to experiment due to the experience your characters gain. It is a little insulting that in a game about space marines, assault terminators, and dreadnoughts, the best unit is going to be the min / maxed scout. Dear Relic, I have bought everyone of your games since Homeworld, you have done fantastic stuff. Please provide an add on where I can build bases and win my own way. Whether through rush or turtle, I’d like to have the option rather than figure out impossible cover angles for my completely underpowered squads.

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